Vessel Name: YM NEW JERSEY

Voy: 075
Status: Expected
Vessel Type: Container
Berth No.:
Port To Call: KICT
Closing Date: 2 Feb 2015
ETA: 3 Feb 2015
ETD: 5 Feb 2015

Line: Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation

Agent: Inshipping (Pvt) Ltd

Dmrge Dry:
Dmrge Ref::
Shed No.:

Load for Port(s).

Eastern Asia
Port Hong Kong
Southeastern Asia
Port Singapore, Port Bangkok, Port Manila, Port Penang, Port Klang
Western Asia,Middle East
Port Izmir, Port Istanbul, Port Mersin
Southern Europe
Port Piraeus, Port Barcelona, Port Genoa, Port Naples (Port of Napoli), Port Valencia
Northern Africa
Port Said, Port Alexandria
Port Brisbane, Port Sydney, Port Melbourne, Port Auckland, Port Lyttelton
North America
Port New York, Port Charleston, Port Norfolk, Port Los Angeles, Port Long Beach, Port Oakland, Port Chicago, Port Detroit, Port Atlanta, Port St Louis, Port Dallas, Port Memphis, Port Vancouver, Port Toronto, Port Montreal

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