About Buying Lead Service

This is also a unique service provided by Shipmagz.com for its registered users. It will help to post your enquiries regarding your shipping needs and circulate your demand or needs among other users and visitors and whoever will be interested to fulfill your desire demand, he/she will be able to contact you freely without any hurdle or delay. Main features of this facility is as under:


  • Title / Buying Lead Head: This is the title of head of your Buying Lead, which will appear first on the main page of Buying Leads and then followed to the detail page.
  • Lead Brief Description:This will contain a brief detail about your Buying Lead which will appear on the main page of Buying Lead. It is a required or mandatory field
  • Service Type: This will show you that which type of service you required, either Direct Service, Indirect Service or any of these types. It is a required or mandatory field.
  • Container Type:You can chose your required container type from the list.
  • Lead Description:In this portion, you can put detail about your Buying Lead.
  • Post Date & Expiry Date:You can mention date of post and date of expiry of your lead.
  • Price Range:You can also mention your target price or price range in this field.


Below is the sample picture of buying lead form which will help you to understand this unique feature easily. If need more detail, please don’t hesitate to send your query through info@shipmagz.com


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