Ports of Pakistan

Pakistan shares a 1,200 kilometres long coast line with the Arabian Sea - a mid sea which joins the the strategic oil line of Persian Gulf with the Indian Ocean. On it lie the Karachi Port which has been serving this part of the erstwhile Indian subcontinent and later Pakistan on its creation in 1947. However, owing to the growing needs of the country, there was a need to develop other smaller coastal ports into major cargo handling ports. Beside Karachi, Pasni, Jiwani, Gadani, Ormara and Gwadar are other ports which are being developed into world class ship handling centres. Of these Gwadar is the latest development, which is being operated successfully since last couple of years. There are mainly three type of ports in Pakistan to deal with trade, domestically and internationally.
Air Ports    
Sea Ports    
Dry Ports    

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