About QICT
The Port Muhammad Bin Qasim is a seaport in Karachi, Pakistan, on the coastline of the Arabian Sea. It is Pakistan's second busiest port, handling about 35% cargo of the country. The port encompasses a total area of 12,000 acres (49 km2) wherein many industrial zones operate. Port Qasim is managed by Port Qasim Authority, a semi-autonomous government body.
Port Qasim Authority:

Port Qasim Authority was established through an act of parliament on June 29, 1973. PQA is the 2nd deep sea industrial-cum-commercial port operating under landlord concept. The Port is situated in Indus delta region at a distance of 28 nautical miles in the south-east of Karachi. PQA is the most eco-friendly port and is geographically located on the trade route of Arabian Gulf. The port currently caters for more than 40% of seaborne trade requirements of the country.

PQA has singular attraction both in port facilities and port-based industrial development. These advantages include:
  • Close proximity to hinterland thus saving transport cost.
  • First rate multi-modal connection with communication network.
  • Time-effecient and cost-effective port services.
  • Availibility of basic utilitie like portable water, power, gas,telecommunications, banking and other facilities.
  • Immense possibility for expansion of port facilities to meet dynamic requirements of international shipping.
  • Transshipment and transit trade facilities with Afghanistan and Central Asian Republics.
  • Full range of port facilities to handle general, bagged,bulk,break-bulk,liquid and containeized cargo with back-up facilities.
QICT Terminal Infrastructure
Terminal Capacity
21,756 Teus
Reefer Points
Total Terminal Area
30 hectares
Yard Stacking Area
25 hectares
Trailer Parking
On site Rail tracks
5 tracks plus 1 escape track
Quayside Cranes
6 x NOELL post panamax, single lift
Yardside Equipment
70 trailers
27 Noell
11 Fantuzzi and Kalmar
Empty Handlers
3 x Fantuzzi
1 x 5mt
Berth And Wharf
Berth Length
1327m and 4 berths
Depth Alongside
13m and 16m
Height (ISLW to Top of Cope)
Tidal Range
  • Spring
  • Neaps
  • Maximum
  • Main Fender
  • Maximum
No’s & (deflection, reaction force, energy absorption)
Swinging Basin
Channel Length
23 nm
Channel Depth
12.0m draft at CD
Contact Detail
Port Qasim Authority

Karachi-75020 Pakistan.
Tel: +92-21-99272111, +92-21-34730101-3
Fax: +92-21-34730108, +92-21-34730109
Web: www.pqa.gov.pk

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